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Men's sustainable grooming kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Use Less Co.
Do you ship outside Canada?

We currently ship to the United States as well as Canada.

What about returns and refunds?

Unopened and unused products can be returned within 30 days.

How long will one bar last?

One 90g clay-like brick is good for 90-130 washes or approximately 3 months.

Why is this better than other soaps?

Traditional shampoos, conditions, and body washes can be 70% water. Because of the thin consistency this produces, companies resort to using single-use plastic bottles. This is where we pick up their slack!

Use Less Co. Shower All-In-One is a concentrated, plant-based, clay-like bar that eliminates the need for up to 4 plastic bottles! Beyond feeling great about reducing waste, you’ll also feel great about how your skin and hair feel.

We use only 100% plant-based ingredients and luxurious essential oils to leave your skin and hair soft, clean, and light.

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