Why Use Less?

Less waste, clutter, chemicals, plastic… you get it too.

Our Story

‘Zero-waste’ is an admirable though virtually impossible goal. But by making conscious decisions to USE LESS, we can limit consumer waste together.

natural products made in alberta, canada
Plant-based Products

Our Ingredients

Every ingredient is plant-based and biodegradable. This means you can finally feel good, not only about how clean and fresh you are, but about your effect on the health of your hair, skin, and the earth!

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plastic-free packaging

Our Packaging

We wrap our clay-like bricks in recyclable wax paper printed with non-toxic ink and ship our products in kraft paper envelopes (instead of typical plastic poly-mailers) for a simple, compostable solution!

> No plastic or redundant packaging here!

Free shipping and delivery

Our Shipping

One, it’s FREE!! Two, we only use existing postal routes to significantly reduce emissions from delivery. We don’t use rush-shipping in order to cut costs and reduce our carbon footprint.

> Only the best, most efficient routes for you.

Natural skincare for men founded in Canada
Hey! We are Brianna & Corinne.

Our Story

Our Use Less Co. journey started from a common interest in herbalism and sharing our natural grooming products with friends and family – who loved them! We had always been passionate about producing less waste and finding products that aligned with our values. But there really isn’t a lot of options, especially for men!

That’s when we came up with our unique approach to making a plastic-free shower all-in-one experience. So, after much research and experimental development, Use Less Co. was born with one feature product: our clay-like shower bars.

Without sacrificing anything – especially quality!

We made sure to use only the best quality ingredients and intoxicating essential oil blends for an experience you’ll look forward to in your daily routine.

For people with all hair types, our shower all-in-one produces outstanding results and makes your routine simple, eco-friendly, and enjoyable.

Thank you for using less with us!

They love using less!
Use Less Co Reviews

“Smells like the forest, not too strong which I appreciate. A brick of paste will last me a couple of months and I love that my shower isn’t cluttered with anything.”


Use Less Co Reviews

“This product is easy to use without having to use too much and works instantaneously undoing any knots that I have in my hair”


Use Less Co Reviews

“It got here so quick and I can’t believe how concentrated it is. I threw some of this paste in a container that I keep in my gym bag, works great.”


It’s easy to use less

By adding this one product, you can eliminate multiple others and the waste that goes with them. Our waterless, concentrated formula is convenient whether you’re at home or on the go. (We love taking ours camping, travelling, and to the gym.)

Use Less Canada
clay-like soap brick